One of the main greatnesses of Mexico lies primarily in its culinary art which is characterised by its colours, smells, flavours, infinite ingredients and diversity; one of the most fascinating, representative places, with the greatest flavour and love for food is Oaxaca, the place where Cecilia Pastor and Maria Barragan come from; two enterprising and enthusiastic women united by their great passion for cooking and enormous pride in the wonderful place they come from and which they honour with love, respect and dedication, consolidating their complicity with the society and foundation of Plaza Oaxaca.
Plaza Oaxaca is the culmination of a dream, we are a restaurant focused on promoting traditional Mexican food, our main focus being Oaxacan gastronomy, we are an authentic cuisine, an exquisite combination of pre-Hispanic and contemporary ingredients, our main purpose besides delighting the palate of our customers, is also to move them through our authentic and 100% handmade food to the prodigious and magical state of Oaxaca.

Our kitchen

The menu we offer at Plaza Oaxaca is elaborated with great dedication and expertise by our highly qualified team, we elaborate delicately and in an artisan way one of our specialities, the famous Mole Oaxaqueño; without leaving aside the wonderful drink of the pre-Hispanic gods and named by scientists of the Illinois Institute in Chicago as the best distilled alcohol in the world, el Mezcal. In Plaza Oaxaca we cook, we share, we toast, but we never forget that for all bad things drink Mezcal and for all good things too.